Coaxial Cables

Tekab manufactures a variety of coaxial cables for local and international markets. Tekab coaxial cables provide customers with safe with signal handling and transmission capability    
Coaxial cable is a cable type used to carry

  • Radio signals
  • Video signals
  • Measurement signals and Data signals

Typical Coaxial cable consists of

  • Center conductor – Solid or Stranded Copper or Copper Clad Steel
  • Insulation – Polyethylene or Foam Polyethylene
  • Shield – Braid or Foil and braid (braid - bare copper or tinned copper)
  • Jacket  - PVC/LS0H

Common coaxial cable impedances

  • 50 ohms

Application- Radio transmitter, Data communications and Measurement devices

  • 75 ohms

Application- Video signal transmission, TV antenna signals, Digital audio signal


Tekab has been manufacturing coaxial cables for a wide variety of applications.  Armored versions of some cables are also available on request.